Market Day

Market day is  one of the major interesting sites in Shan state. The market day rotates around the villages and the towns and it exists in every village once in every five day. We call it ''five-day-market''. It opens only for half day depending on the size of the market. It can also be called ''morning market''. The clients can have the  experience of the local market selling different kinds of food and other hoisehold goods. The hill tribes from neighbouring villages come to the market for trading, for social gathering, for shopping and for having local food. Market day is not only for shopping but also for meeting friends, talking to each other, spreading news and getting information from different villages. So market day is important for the villagers. In general, most of the markets close on the fullmoon and darkmoon days of the Myanmar Lunar Calender.

Exception: There is everyday market in the town and opens for the whole day but more crowded on the market day.

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